Sunday, 31 October 2010

Massacred at the Valley

Bradford City 5-0 Oxford United. An afternoon to forget up in Yorkshire.

With half an hour gone in the game, you would have thought the eventual result an impossibility. Oxford, following last week's win began the game brightly and had the best of the game's opening chances. Indeed, bar the linseman's flag, Oxford would have even been one nil up. The half-time whistle went. Bradford City 0-0 Oxford United.

In the second half, everything that could have gone wrong, unfortunately did go wrong. A brilliantly saved penalty by Ryan Clarke by former England (substitute), whiny-voiced, drug dealer lookalike Len Hendrie had to be re-taken as apparently Clarke had moved from his line too soon. The resulting penalty was cooly converted by Hendrie, who wheeled away grabbing the yellow and gold shirt.

That, incidentally made the score 3-0. Omar Daley, the skillful Jamican had already scored two goals of a higher standard than is usually seen in League 2. He celebrated by attempting to clap hands with every Yorkshireman in the entire ground. What was it with Bradford and overly excitable celebrations? Perhaps it is the fact that they have had nothing to cheer about since their dramatic fall from the glamour of the Premiership.

Our two centre backs, Mark 'Beast' Creighton and Jack Wright were then dismissed. This is never ideal. The Beast went first for two bookable offences. The first was questionable. The second, unfortunately, was not. It was a wild, fully committed lunge at Daley's legs. A punch up ensued, with Wright and Bradford's James Hanson at the thick of it. Both were given their marching orders.

At this point, an inexperienced, young Oxford United side desperately wanted to the referee to blow the final whistle, and to swiftly depart from the confides of Yorkshire. However, twenty painful minutes were to follow where Bradford greedily exploited their battered opposition, scoring two more well-taken goals.

A torrid afternoon, yet hopefully one that Oxford United's young side will learn from.

Bring on January the 15th. Revenge is sweet, remember that Bradford.